Recurving stock distributors.


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Hi, I would like a vintage look with my engine when I get it done and would like to use a stock '69 distributor with a pertronix. Is there parts available to recurve these distributors? I think it was crane who offers adjustable vacuum canisters and recurve springs for the v8 distributor, but I doubt that would work on a six distributor. Otherwise I will just go with a duraspark.
8) the mech advance springs are quite similar to the V8 springs. as for the vacuum advance can, i am not sure.
The V8 canister looks similar to the I6's in the pictures I have seen. The only problem is that it is meant to mount on the other side of the distributor. What it looks like to me is if you put the V8 advance canister on a I6 distributor it will be upside down. I think there has to be at least one guy out there with both a V8 and I6 who could tell us for sure.

if you do go with duraspark then go with duraspark 1 it all most looks like points

I`ve had a cuple of people tell me that I had points but I don`t :LOL: