reinstall of header and intake



I've been dragging my ass about hooking my header and intake back up. The gasket was shot, for the last time hopefully, so I got some locking header bolts, they came last week and I haven't put it back on yet. I got sick and found every excuse not to tackle the knuckle busting affair.

Its getting real cold and wet and foggy though and I don't want everything rusting away so I need to get it back on soon. I just cleaned off all the old gasket crap off of the intake and intake ports and the header and header ports.

I want to know though, is there a product that is good to spray intake gaskets with? Or should I just put it on dry?

Also, is there something I should spray on the exhaust gaskets prior to bolting the header back on?

I was thinking the permatex copper gasket crap but It doesn't say anything about intake gaskets. It does, however recommend spraying it on header gaskets. Or should I use the silicone stuff on the exhaust gaskets just to hold them in place?

What substance(s) should I be using?

Thanks my friends.
Permatex Ultra Copper. You could get away with the "High Temp Red" on the intake, but why buy 2 tubes when the copper works fine on both.
How about the spray a gasket stuff on the intake? (We have quite a few cans) I bought a tube of the ultra copper though, and some lithium grease for the $hit of it.

What the heck is all the difference between all the tubes though, just the color?

I mean you got the 1 & 2 sealants, the HPF (is that right acronym), the clear RTV, the blue RTV, the Ultra Blue RTV, the black RTV, the Ultra Black RTV, the Ultra Grey RTV, the High Temp Red RTV, and the Ultra Copper and probably a few others.

What I don't get is that they all cost about the same. Are the higher temp ones harder to get off or what?

Oh and what temp is the exhaust on a car? The copper tube says its good for 700deg which seems to be the most of all of them.
Fair go, Kilo Charlie! Take it as flattery that everybody assumed you'd be able to sort out these things yourself...

Do a dry fit first to 100% certify no binding or fouling is occurring. I say this because of your gasket history.

If your exhaust manifold is good and flat, and the gasket face equally tidy, a film coat of ultra copper spray on both gasket sides will do fine. Got the locking bolts for headers? Put some anti-seize on the threads.

I use Permatex No.3 on the inlet gaskets, because you can carefully peel them off when hot, if needed. Brush lightly - it spreads thin!

Good luck...

Regards, Adam.
heh, I never sort things out myself. :oops:

I just give up trying to ask how to do it the best way and try something. Usually whatever I try doesn't work and a few months later I'm posting the same relative question. :unsure:

Thanks for the tips though bros.

I don't think anythings binding or fouling, every time the header is put on its perfect. Sounds absolutely wonderful, then a few days later it sounds like crap and the gasket is garbage. Plus, before the header flange was divided and ground down in areas, the flange would contact the area on the block where the cylinders bulge out.