rocker arm assembly help

Hey everyone,
So I have a 1966 Mustang 200 ci straight 6
Im doing my first ever rebuild and need help identifying a part.
On the rocker arm assembly between the mountong bolt at the front of the engine and the rocker arm itself there is a small tear drop shaped metal plate. I dont know what this plate is and cant find it anywhere and mine is broken Please help with part name and possibly where to get one. thanks in advance.


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Hi Donnie8867, and welcome to the Ford Six site. I believe that part is an oiler on the early Rocker Arm Assemblies it was also changed on the later model 200 & 250 Six Rocker Arm Assembly's. If your handy you could make a new one or just a plate to cover the hole up. You could also place an add in the wanted section of the For Sale / Trade located on the main page at the very bottom of all the other forums, one of our site members may have one of them. You could also contact Rocker Arms Unlimited that has a rebuilding service they probably have that part.
Best of luck.


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"Reminder, that one oiling rocker stand and plate, goes in the front position with the oil opening to the pushrod side."

'Rocker Arms Unlimited' made the custom length pushrods for the supercharged 250.

have fyn
I'll pass this to a friend. We're installing the suspension and skid plates from 4Wheelonline onto his Wrangler when his uncle called asking for a recommendation on rocker arms.