single rail question



like old mate im having a little trouble with the 4sp single rail in my XE also. just a question... does anyone know the difference between the 0503 and 0506 borg warner gear boxes by the shifter. i have found (with my very limited mechanical experience) that the length of the arm that selects the gear to the bottom of the thread of the 'nylon ball pivot' is different depending on the 'box. also, i have heard that these two different gearboxes run either a bearing or a holden(<-yuck-spew-vommit) style pin type set up. does anyone know which is which? or am i totally wrong altogether?

thanks for any help.
Mate as far as I was aware. The single rail gearboxes were all the same in fords. But the ratios were different between engines.
The housings and selectors were as I thought all the same.
Are you also having selector trouble?
It is common.
Noel, lost in gear oil again.
The 3.3 got a down rated 1981 Holden Commodore VH 4,VH 2850cc gearbox in 1982 on XE's. Built by Borg-Warner as a wonderful 85% local content spike for a struggling Aussie auto industry!

It also did service in the pre 1984 Mitsi Sigma, Toyota Corona (last RWD after the Starfire 4, and in Starefires from 1980 on) and got a bad wrap because it couldn't handle any more than 240 newton metres (179 lb-ft) of engine torque without crapping itself. They had to run ATF to keep the synchromesh quiet, and suffered bizare case failures in high-stress aplications. They are not a single rail as such, but a similar design to the Cortina 2000 cc 4-speed. I remember it was about 9 kgs lighter than the Chrysler Valiant/XB Falcon based Single Rail

That tranny has a similar linkage to the VH Commodore. When the VK came out, the 3300 got the Falcon 3.3 gearbox. The 3.3 5-speed has a perfect set of gear ratios, can do 160 km/h in third at 5500 rpm with the 3.23:1 diff, and has a good shift quality if its plastic ball hasn't chopped out!
I have been fortinuate enough not to do alot of work if I can help it on crapadores and japanese stuff.
But if these boxes are like those bloody 2LTR 4 speeds. No bloody wonder they had strange gear case failures.
The ford range had different ratios in the diffreent engine capacities.
The 3.3 had the lowest intermediate gearset and the V8s had the tallest.
But I am only talking about the four speeds. The five speed was available in only the 3.3. Big boom behind a 4.1 with any type of work.
Split cases were common. I suspected the Holden five speed was essentually the same unit but am lucky enough not to have found out for sure.
Not really one eyed Ford.
Just like these cars.