Six cylinder lifting points, Where?

bob emmerich

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Just out of curiousity, where do you guys lift the engine from when removing it from the car. Is there some sort of trick tool or something, or do I just use some exhaust bolt holes or something. Thanks,Bob
I documented a 2V recently, that had the factory lift eyes still on it. One goes to the coil bracket bolts, and there were two eyes between the manifold runners. On a log head, that would translate to maybe one eye at each end of the log.

Three points will give far more control than two.

Hope this helps.

That's interesting. I would be afraid to lift from the manifold, for fear it would break. HUH! Very interesting. Anyone else?
The 78 and later engines came equipped with a lift eye on the lt front side where the old draft tube used to be and the other was on the rt rear side where the kick down linkage hooked up to the head.

Ford had a tool that hooked onto the underneath of the exhaust manifold that you lifted the early ones out with.

Hope this helps ;)

I bolted on to the two fron head bolts and two rear head bolts....

That only works i guess of you are pulling the head first.....

I guess I will have to figure something else out to install it later.... :unsure:
I did like Jimbo. Not very if you are going to remove the head (likely since you are pulling the engine) it is a lot easier to remove the head while the engine is in the car. Trust me on this one.

Here is how we hooked it up (keep in mind, we hooked the hoist up so we could get the tranny out too.:



Here is the write up I did.

Good luck.

Actually, I'm not pulling one out, I'm putting a re-man engine back in. I used a T-stat bolt and 2 exhaust bolts to get the old one out. I don't want to take any chances putting in my new $1,200 motor, that's why I asked. I guess I'll rig up some cables or something. Bob