So what should I do next?



Since I first got my car just over 3.5 years ago, I've done lots of work:

C4 rebuild
replaced lifters and pushrods
complete brake system rebuild
all new front and rear springs (V8 leafs for better ride)
all new steering (box, arms, etc)
all new front suspension, except for the lower control arms
KYB GR2 nitrogen shocks on all 4 corners
Pertronix ignition
14x6 American racing wheels, p225/60/414 front, 70/r14 in back
Lakewood chrome traction bars
Cliffy port divider and dual header with true 2" dual exhaust
shoulder seatbelts

Here's the situatuon I'm in. I'm a sophomore in college, so obviously funds are limited. The body really is starting to need work (needs new quarters and wheelhouses, etc), but I can't afford that, but at the same time, I want the car to last. It's been a great car--I put 30,000 miles on it driving it daily--and I don't want it to go junky on me. Fortunately the interior is still in good shape...maybe a new dashpad and carpet is in store, but for now the interior is good enough for government work...

Would you recommend an engine/trans/rear buildup in the meantime? I mean, the car itself is very solid so I'm not worried about it turning to a pile of rust anytime soon, so I'd say the car is a good candidate for some performance work.

What would you recommend as the most cost effective option for upping the power output? I'd love to crank the horses up with an Aussie head and 2bbl Holley, but I'm not sure about the expense for that. I know I should replace my cam sometime too...I was thinking an Isky 260 or a Comp 262.

On the other hand, it seems feasible to swap in a T-5 and a 3.20 rear end so I can at least make better use of the power my engine's making right now. Fortunately I have a 66 Block with a 2.77 trans attached to it sitting in the back yard, so getting the bellhousing and stuff would be pretty simple...

Blah, so many things I want to do, never the time or money.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for reading this over...and if I posted in the wrong spot, I apologize in advance.

I just did the t-5 swap in my bone stock 200 powered fairlane what a difference!!!! get in touch with dark horse performance and talk to them. Super nice people and the have the adapter you will need. I allready had 3:20 rear end gears personally I wouldn't want any higher but so far I love it.

good luck in your endevor

Hey Rob!!

Glad to see your back ;)

This would be your biggest bang for the buck IMO.

Get a 78 or later head, mill to raise compression to 9.5:1 adjustable stock valvetrain from a early 6, port & polish, refurbish head, mill the intake to accept a 350 cfm Holley 2 Bbl.

Cost would probably be as follows,

Head $50.00
Refurbish with 3 angle valve job milling etc $300.00
Mill intake to accept Holley $35.00-$75.00
Holley $350 from Summit $225.00
Head gasket and small parts dremel $100.00

Obviously, if you ebay, you can do this cheaper!!

You can work on it in your spare time and keep it in the house and you can install it in one weekend so your car ain't broke down for a long amount of time.

I'm working on a webpage that should be done in a couple of weeks to explain the mod a bit better.


Given that you've already built your car out a fair amount, why not look into the Argentinian SP head, headers, intake and bigger carb setup that is being offered for ~$800 bucks by another fordsixer? You'll still need to come up with a carb and potentially valves, springs, etc but you'll have a much better base to build from that has less intake restrictions and much more potential for only slightly more money. Going that route will also let you skip on the machine work to refurbish it and go for a pro port and polish instead if you like. Just another option to consider (as though you didn't already have too many).
Since cost is a concern would he be any better or worse off getting a 32/36 webber from stovebolt for 60$? Or is the Holley just that much better?
It depends on how much you want to spend. If you've got enough money, go with what Mustang Geezer or Bedtime (what kind of name is that? :unsure: ) said, but if that's too much I'd agree with Coupe Boy. The Holley/Weber 5200 with adapter from stovebolt is pretty good bang for the buck. It came out to about $100 total for me. I don't have the secondary straightened out on mine yet, but even like it is, the power increase is very noticeable and it starts a lot better. Its not a direct bolt on unless you don't mind it sitting at an angle (which some people have done) but its not too much work.