Stupid question



What size Rear did the 69 coupe's have?

After finishing the 250 conversion from the speedometer seems off. The engine and trans are from the 77 granada, and the gear thingy at end of speedo cable was almost twice the size as the 69's. If i used that gear, speedometer was way off, felt about 20 mph, and when putting the 69 one back in, it still seems off, but this engine is sooo much smoother than the 200 that it could just be the different feeling. Haven't had a chance to get my uncle to radar me yet, prolly this weekend.
8) depending the gear the granada had as compared the the gear your 69 has, you need to get the right speedo driven gear. figure out which way you are off and that will tell you which way you need to go on the gear. if the speedo reads too fast you need to slow it down with a larger gear, too slow, smaller gear.