UPDATE - my 200 - 250 swap



Most likely gonna do this weekend (stay away snow)!

The 250 we ended up getting is out of a 77 Granada. They wanted 300 for the engine alone, 400 for the engine and trans...so hey. Turns out, for the $400, they towed to place we're doing the work, told us to take whatever we need and they'll pick it up when we're done.

So i'm gettin the 250 4.1liter I6, with the Carter RSB 1v carb, still has the stock airfilter (weee Ram air) the duraspark electric ignition, Trans (another C4) and prolly alot of other odds and ends we can take off here and there like the sway bar. Not a bad deal for $400, and lookin forward to gettin it back on the road this weekend.

Also had a friend give me a 69 Gran Turino scoop for $20 incase i run into problems with hood clearance and mounts turn out to not drop it enough.

I'll post pics when its done. Depending on snow tomorrow, gonna paint/undercoat the engine compartment and engine since its all out while so its ready to go in Saturday.

Thanks again to all for the links, suggestions and even the negative feedback :eek: Each post helped me along the way.
Forgot to take camera there today, but just a few notes since had some things different then the FAQ's and comments/suggestions posted here.

1) I was going from '69 200ci in Mustang to 250ci 4.1L out of a 77 Granada.

2) Both cars had C4 trans, we just pulled the bellhousing and torque converter, put new seal on, and used existing Trans, using one out of 77 as a spare.

3) Suprisingly, the trans linkage from the 69 stayed the same, without clearance problems. Put the kickdown linkage we moved over from the Granada, and jury rigged the throttle linkage since the 69 was on the opposite side.

4) 69 exhaust actually fit. Didn't need to get custom pipe ( probably will down the road, to install Dynomax Turbo i picked up) since the pipe cleared starter no problem. 69 200 and 250 exhaust pipe's are identical (friend at midas confirmed in their computer inventory)

5) Fan - ok, this is a little trickier. Clearance is definately an issue. Fan off 69 would actually clear easily, but the bolt pattern is different. Without going to electric, which i may end up doing anyway, all you need to do is cut down the spacer between fan and pump 1/4 -1/2 an inch and trim down the bolts the same, and it will just clear. Be sure to get a protective shield to go from radiator over fan, or someone might put fingers over radiator and lose some fingers.

6) ... Not much more I can put here yet, due to we quit early due to heater dying in garage at about 5:30 and it was damn cold out, especially after being out there for 9 hours or more. Hopefully we'll get ignition wired up and everything running either tomorrow or sometime this week. I'll post pictures and more notes if anyone's interested once I get it home.

7) Hood Clearance - Yes, this is an issue. Both the 69 and 77 mounts would give the same height, so all we're did was widen the mounts to give the extra 1" width between the 200 and 250. I'm gonna end up making a custom hood mod using 69 Gran turino scoop we had laying around and seal it up. Hey, why be normal :) Local yards didn't have any maverick mounts I could grab and we were doin all the work, and didn't want to tear it apart again to get the new mounts and drill new holes in frame and extend the time to complete by hours. Yeah, for restoration purposes, do it right, but I'm not planning on selling anytime soon.