SU Rebuild


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Does anyone have any words of wisdom in the rebuilding and operation of the SU carbs?

Besides the use of a manual for the operation, is there a good supplier for rebuild kits?

I will be receiving a two carb setup soon and the first thing on the list is to make sure the carbs are in good working order.

Thanks in advance, Ric.
Curto is probably the best stocked SU parts guy in the US. If the combination you want is not available, he can recommend a different needle/ spring combination that will function essentially the same.

On rebuilding- it's critical to set the jets the same distance (for multiple carb apps) off the floor of the bridge REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY FLATS OF THE JET NUT ARE DIFFERENT for every carb. If you fail to do this, the carbs will never deliver the same mixture ratio. Overall ratio may be changed by moving a flat ot two on the nuts- this changes ratio across the board
Great links. I had tried the same search and found some others but not as good. Hopefully the set of SU's I get will be in good shape.

Thanks a bunch, Ric.
That was an excellent post by Twentyover, Mike. I don’t know how I missed it. In fact the last paragraph is exactly what I have in mind. I should get my 240Z parts within the next few days. That includes the manifolds (which I don’t think I can use), Heat Shield, Air Box, Linkage and Carbs. I just about have the design of the log finished; I just need to wait for the carb gasket detail. As soon as I find the early 170 head I want I will be ready to carve into the log.

Thanks again, Ric.