suddenly it runs like garbage - help!

So I'm all psyched because my car handles and stops like a dream, when suddenly I can't accelerate. It starts, it idles, but put your foot into it and it just sputters and moans. Must be a float problem??? The accelerator pump seems to work because I can accelerate by pumping rapidly, but if I hold my foot in it it just dies away with the occasional sputer and backfire. Help! BTW, this is with the 1101 and a duraspark. Used to run great.
well i would probly check the fuel system. i dont think it is with your spark or ignition cause you are running at idle.. How cold is it out side cause this may sound kinda simple but carburators dont do well in cold they pop and die. but if it is not cold out side than i would check the float, or fuel filter. dont worry it is probly just a little tinkering will fix her.
I'm guessing an air leak. The pumping of the pedal would increase the fuel in the ratio.
is it fine with a gentle acceleration, but dies when you stomp it?
if you are talking about hard acceleration, it might be the accelerator pump, have you actually checked it? (i only ask because you seemed sort of vague on whether or not it was actually working correctly) i know mine used to die on hard acceleration, i adjusted the pump and all was right with the world
good luck
I took extreme measures and installed the weber 38 I had using the stovebolt adapter. I wasn't going to use the carb until I installed the new head, but it was easy. I was even able to use the stock throttle rod with a little bending. I haven't taken it out for a real drive yet, but it seems to ahve a lot more power. runs great right out of the box.
I had a rusty fuel line from the pump to the carb (all after the filter) that gave me that problem when a small piece of rust got stuck in the jet. I hope you don't have a rusty fuel line that will soon give you trouble again. I also had the needle valve get rust in it twice and overflow gasoline onto the exhaust manifold. :shock: The first time, I replaced the needle valve. I have now run a rubber line until I get another steel line.