super newbie,,please help 2 questions



I have a stock 66'coupe and am curious what the firing order is for the distributor? this seems like a simple enough question but i am unable to locate any info.

2nd.When I bought my car it had the carb on but no air filter unit over the carb. What is it that I need and where can I locate it..The guy at advance auto seems to think I need to go to a junkyard?? Please help.
My '69 Motors Manual shows the firing order as 153624, with 1 being the wire on the cap that is farthest from the block, and opposite the cap clips. For the air cleaner, I'd contact Hurley5 on eBay, located over in Puyallup, Washington. He is great to deal with, and can come up with just about anything. Just do a search under sellers.
Hope this helps!
Hello bair_ohio,

Welcome to the Fordsix forum. The firing order for your engine is cast into the top of the intake log. Very handy. The number one cylinder is the one at the front of the engine, next to the radiator. The number one socket on the dizzy can vary some. The best way to locate the number one hole on the dizzy is to bring the number one cylinder to TDC with the cap off the dizzy and note with socket / terminal the rotor is pointing at. This is nimber one. The next in line (clockwise) is 5, etc.

An original air cleaner may be a little hard to find. Try ebay and the for sale section on this forum. If you are OK with other than stock any one the the Mustang stores (Mustangs Unlimited, Mustangs Plus, etc) should be able to help.

Enjoy - Steve
TDC occurs on the compression stroke and the exhaust stroke, 180 degrees apart. Make sure you have the engine on compression stroke when looking for the rotor position to be at #1.
You have all been a big help. Now I just wish it would warm up a little so that I can work on this..Thank you!