The GM Module



Anyone use it? All I need is the GM module and a duraspark II distributor?
I've heard the Chrysler modules put out lightning bolts...
I fired it up on my old 250. It's a common swap on the Slant sixes. and I think at least one of our guys has done it as well.

BTW, it's a good replacement for the expensive late 70's early 80's Lucas ignition boxes on MG's ang Jags, and can also replace the expensive boxes on early 260/280Z's and 240SX's.

In short, that module will fire almost any magnetic trigger.
I have been running one with my DII since last 4th of July week. The only problem was that I hooked the wires up backwards the first time I used it and the thing would pop and sputter when under heavy vacuum. No problems since though..

I stuck it on a custom add in fuse block under my hood

It sits under the pass hood hinge. I wanted it as close to the battery possible to keep the ( + ) wires short.

The Orange or Chrome Chrysler modules will fire a DSII very effectively as well, but require a dual ballast resistor. But for the little extra wiring, they give a tremendous spark.
Jack, could you provide a schematic or point to a schematic on the web somewhere that shows the use of the dual ballast resistor? If I remember correctly the info I have doesn't show the resistors.

Thanks in advance, Ric.
Growing up with the '73 Plymouth Fury wagon, there was always a spare fuel pump in the back, and an extra ballast resistor in the glove box.

Ahhh yes, those were the days....

Hi everyone.

So which is the best module to use with the DSII?

Ford Blue, GM, or Crysler Chrome?


P.S. Which is the cheapest?
Bought a Ford blue at Auto Zone for $16.00

Using it in a 1967 Mustang 200 I6 with a 1976 Maverick Dist.
Dist. dropped right in and fired right up.