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I saw this thread "Hot Falcon OHV Straight Six Pics" on the Ausie Sixes Forum and thought I would do a little investigation on-line and look what I found. Hay Mike (AZ Coup), maybe you could add these to your parts page, or anyone can just go to the lynx web page and order on line.

Product Name: MANIF FALCON 170-250 3XSU Part Number: M060
Your Price: AU $371.69 (US $215.57)

Product Name: MANIF FALCON 170-250 3XD Part Number: M058
Your Price: AU $383.24 (US $222.27)

Product Name: MANIF FALCON 2V 250 3XSU Part Number: M189
Your Price: AU $350.68 (US $203.39)

Product Name: MANIF FALCON 2V 250 3DHLA Part Number: M190
Your Price: AU $361.02 (US $209.39)

Go to:
In the first box go to manifolds, in the second box go to Lynx manifolds and just scroll to the part you want to order.
I’ve added this site to my favorites so I don’t forget. Now all I need are three workable SUs and the linkage from e-bay or a sports car salvage yard.
look into older carbed volvos. they had twin SU's on the larger motor. the smaller one had a carb similar to a su but wasn't a su. they also have nice linkage for them.

Good job man!

You all should setup a group buy. Bye. :LOL:

Watch out for my Argie SP triple setup.

It's good news. I spoke to Lynx less than a year ago. No manifolds, no interest their end, poor attitude. "Redline" guys wistfully commented on the fact they couldn't repro the units due to patent issues.

Now, all the SUs which materialised here in the last 18 months will disappear again!

Cheers, Adam.
Cool! Wish they had pictures up. Are the DHLA's a side-draft carb? There were some pictures of a 2V six with triple side drafts around here somewheres, before the crash.
Has anyone followed up on the Holley 2V /250cfm sidedraft? The one they just came out with for the Harley.
Kinky6":93pd9005 said:
Are the DHLA's a side-draft carb?

Yep. DHLA's are side draft Dell'Ortos[sp]. Me thinks the Weber DCOE is an equivalent or direct replacement to the dell's.
Kinky6":on70fdfm said:
Are the DHLA's a side-draft carb?
DHLA carbs are Dellortos. Nice carbs, similar to the Weber side drafts. These manifolds may work with both, someone should ask Lynx.
The dellorto DHLA and the Weber DCOE are interchangable, i.e., they fit the same manifold. The site refered to by Coupeboy is a good picture of the Weber / Dellorto set up.

A word of caution. While I have not seen a picture of the log head triple SU manifold offered by Lynx, I can't help but think that a fair amount of machining will be required. Just as the Offy cannot be installed "on the car", I suspect the triple SU unit is similar, although mounted on the side of the log rather that the top. If well designed it should work well. But, B4 I would shell out $220US + shipping I would want to see the product and talk to a user. In addition, SU's are not an easy carb to live with. Ask anyone who has done so (I have). I am not saying that they don't perform well if in good condition and properly tuned. Just that they are not well known in the US, and support for them is a cottage industry at best. Bottom line, the Offy with three Weber ICH's will perform as well (maybe better), and be easier to maintain.

Just my opinion - Steve
Forgot to mention, if one were to mount SU's, Dellortos, or Webers, one would be required to run a mechanical advance only ignition system. I know the 68-73 dual advance dizzy can be converted. I don't know about the DSII, but I suspect it can in as much as it is a dual advance unit.

here is that pic from above..don't know if this helps any
Dell'ortos and Webers are WAY different from SUs. You're talking about another manifold altogether. The last pic posted was Hotrod Bill's - he made his own adapters to fit Webers to a 2V. Had slight clearance issues with the RH shock tower.

The Lynx one may be either the log adapted version, or the 2V replacement manifold - THEY MADE BOTH.

Steve - Ever heard of a GTR XU-1? You are right about the cottage industry bit for SUs, though. I would run Webers for a street/strip car but SUs for a daily driver. And people here run a Bosch electronic dizzy - recurving is more of an art down under - though I expect many run mech only.

Cheers, Adam.
SU carbs(H1,H2,H4,H6,HS2/4/6/8) started to die off in US market imports when the 1968 US Clean Air Act hit. The oil in the dashpot could never be eliminated from entering the carburettor butterfly, and the cars so equiped would fail the 50000 mile inspection required for US certification. Datsun used SU workalikes under aggreement in early 180 B SSS through the emmision era.

So Zenith Stromberg CD 125,150, and 175 carbs were then used instead. Volvo spear headed it, Jaguars XKE and V12 engines got them, so did some Aston Martin DBS sixes, Jensen Healys, Triumphs, Holden in the Aussie market used them, so did Vauxhall in there infamous Firenza. Range Rover supplied thousands for DAF V8 trucks whic had the alloy Buick V8 on non-emission "dirty" leaded vehicles up till the early 1990's. These are bolt on replacements for SU's. Problem is the diaphram often "choppes - out" and gets holes in it, causing vacum leaks and drivability problems, so it does need more routine maintenance than good ol' Carters, Autolites, Holleys and Holley/Weber carbs. As long as you've carried that out, and have the right needle selection, and a level carb (they don't like more than 5 degrees tilt) they work very well.

Weber DCOE "side draft"carbs have coarse atomisation compared to side draft Dellorto DHLA's, so in most installations, the Webers give more power, the Dellortos more economy. Sizes range from 40, 42, 45 and 48;
Juan Manuel Fangio won a Formula One race with a 302 cube Chevy Blue flame six equiped with triple DCOE carbs. In Australia, the 45DCOE equiped 248 hp E37/280 hp E38/ E48 and 302 hp E49 Chrysler Hemi 265 I6 had a stout reputation for shutting down V8's on the street. 275 hp 350 Chevs and 290 hp or more HO 4V 351 Windsors or Clevelands weren't able to dispose of these triple carbed terrors on the street! 14.4 second quarters for the E49 took 29 years and 346 cubes of Z06 spec Gen III Holden Commodre V8 to beat!

Today, companies like Motec and Halltech offer proper EFI replacements for Weber and Dellorto carbs.
I finally got a response back from Lynx. I placed an order for the tripple SU intake on their web site the day I started this thread. Here is their response.
Lynx":1zg58kvo said:
Sales at Lynx <> wrote:

Dear Donald,

Firstly I must apologise for the delay in responding to your order – we have been closed over the Christmas break and I only returned to work on Monday (and quite a few emails slipped through the cracks). We have searched high and low but cannot locate any of the manifolds, even though the computer shows them in stock. We will continue to search for them and if we have any joy, will get back to you promptly.

Best regards,


I'll let everyone know if there is any change, but it doesn't look good.
Well, that tallies with what I was saying. Welcome to the "Aussie Clifford". Like it? Well, we don't have any. :devilish:

It's a pretty basic casting. I'd love to hear a quote on repopping it. Redline would do it if there weren't patents involved.

Sorry about that, Don. I was really hoping they'd find one for you.


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