Updated 03/2009 - First posted 12/2002 - Aussie 2V owners!


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Hi all you Aussie 2V Guy's!
How about each of you post a message if you have an Aussie 250 - 2V head installed or one lying around waiting to be installed! I wanting to know about how many of us there are? I'm thinking that on this board there are about 25 installed or waiting to be installed! Please post even if you have all ready posted that you have one. Hey and if you have a picture of it, well post that too! ;)

I'll start here's mine below 8) and my son Jason is installing one this next week, we just got it back from the machine shop! So that's two!




No pics yet, still at the machine shop waiting on the port divider (Need we go there?) She's getin' the works done to her, then the secret induction will be placed atop that nice spacer Azcoupe supplied with the head. Were hoping by Jan to have it back, you never know.

Cheers Mike,

What year motor did that bracket come from that goes over the vlv cover? Looks very similar to the one off my 81'
looks nice

I get mine back from the machine shop friday - engine should be complete by Jan.

The bracket is off a 78-80 fairmont, fits nice and routes the mess over the valve cover! 8)
That bracket looks like what came of my 80 200. It was used to mount the cruise control unit atop the engine.
Have one at the machine shop. Just waiting for it at this point. No pics yet. Hopefully before spring i will have the whole engine rebuilt and dynoed with many pics to share.
I am working on one as well. Maybe get something done next week while on vacation.
Total now SEVEN I know there's more out there.....Please post if you own a Aussie 2V................... ;)
I have one on the bench, and another on the way as back up. Collecting parts for total drive train conversion. I got Rick's old 200 IL6 with stand, thanks Rick! Just found a C4 for $15. I have my eye on an 8" rear end with 2.79 gears out of a 70-73 Maverick at Ecology (a salvage yard). I hope to have the engine together in January and everything installed Feb-March.

DB should check in.
Mine is in the basement on the bench waiting to go to the shop.

It will have:

total valve job installing new 1.75 US Intake valves, guides and seats.
I am polishing and porting a bit. Installing Full Roller rockers, rods, lifters.

She'll have a set of Pacemaker headers and a Holley 2300 500cfm on it when finished.

Painting Ford Blue and blasting and polish the intake. I like the look of the one you have there. Mine will look very similar I think.

Set to install in April.
(Pic of the head here)
That makes 11 tpotal so far and I know ther are more out there! Times wasting post now if you got'em or paid for them! :shock:
Ragtopman":1pfl0g5k said:
DB should check in.

Nope, I sold all of the 2Vs I received. I'm going a different route. Yep, that's right, I'm doing the big block V8 460.

No, not really I'm sticking to the inline 6 and trying to talk Martin into finding a triple weber intake. Just make sure nobody tells my wife.

Mustangaroo could I plz save a copy of those pics for further reference....

your my romodel :LOL:
or your engine is at least

Yeah, we better don´t tell you wife. The last thing I want, is to hear what she will have to say to me if she finds out :)
And considering the SP is based on the Aussie 250-2v, it will be like a family reunion, with cousins from all corners south of the Equator.
I was number 3 out here to put one on an engine. Surprisingly enough it was mentioned that even Before I got my head there were over a dozen shipped.

What happend to them all??? I know of one that has been waiting Anlushac but the rest are MIA. Not to mention the dozens shipped after I got mine on. I've asked this question a long time ago and noone really answered. I mean I know that quite a handful of people got the heads recently, like this year but the ones bought before I got mine are really puzzling. Wherd they go,? ebay?

So as far as whats on a car and running, the only proven ones are Rick's, Mike's, mine, and Mustangroo's. If youve got some badass setup out there, prove it! Go out and spend a $150 on a digi cam since you already spent hundreds on the engine and post the pics so we can all oooh and ahhh.

I Want to see some damn pics, I want to see ideas fleshed out SO that I can copy you all! :eek: :D
That's Twelve and I know only half you you have checked in, now get with it and report your ownership of this Hot Bolt On Head!

Man it was the easiest bolt on HP I have ever done! ;)
I should have pics soon. The head is being machined and the engine is getting an overhaul as well. The tranny (C4) was finished today with shift kit installed.
On top of that the car is had all the body work done and is ready for paint. All the trimmings are at the chrome shop. it will prolly be Feb before everything is complete.

gagsta_858 where bouts you located?
canucks fan also
wife is an edmonton fan and thought she could put the edmonton ornament higher that the canucks ornament :nono: . I showed her the error in her ways and put them in their proper places. :D