Urgent help please



ok fellas I really want to know what the story is with this five speed.
Im getting someone to help me take it out of the panel van and put it in the ltd on tuesday, but i want to know that its not a gearbox from a 3.3 litre falcon.
what identifies these gearboxes? if it is a toyota or a T5 im happy....but i dont wanna waste time and money putting in a box that will break. My uncle needs the auto too so i cant go back after its done.
if anyone can help or offer anything it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!
Look at the gearbox case. If its cast iron, its the Borg-Warner 507, or the 3.3 litre 5 speed box. If its alloy, then its the T5..
by gearbox case do u mean the part that the shifter (gearstick) comes out of?
If so its alloy and im grinning
No, thats the tail extension - Borg Warner 502 (3 speed) 503 (4 speed) 506 (weak 4 speed) and 507 (weak 5 speed) all have an alloy tailshaft extension. The bit before that is iron, and usually looks rusty.

T5s are All Alloy. They also differentiate themselves apart from the Borg Warner boxes by having a shifter that attatches via 2 nuts into the shifter mechanism. Borg Warner boxes generally have a nylon ball pivot which screws into the shifter extension.

PS, as a slightly related issue, I've FINALLY managed to get my 503 in Without having to remove the engine - all I had to do was jack the engine up at the front of the sump to change the angle of the motor - No More Starter Flange Clearance Issues!! (and to think I was about to pound the firewall in by about an inch to get 'er in!)
well i cant get under the panel van at the moment simply because of where its parked and i lost (misplaced - hopefully) my only key to it.
But going off what u said about the nylon pivot ball and what fingers said about the 5 cast into the extnesion case Im gonna say it is a 3.3 gearbox....which is a bit of a bummer but oh well.....i will pull the tyres gas gear and a few other things i need then palm it off to the wreckers.