US 4spd trans to Oz bell housing



Need some compatability questions answered regarding putting a US 4spd behind an Oz manual bell housing. The Oz engine, 82 carbureted alloy head, is going in to a 64 Econoline. Due to the mid engine / forward control design of this vehicle a column shift trans is required. That is to say that the shift levers must be on the left side of the gear box. In talking with Phil from Ausheads, the engine supplier, there are two different manual bells used behind the Oz engine. I think one is for a 3spd and the other for a 4spd. Also there are cable and hydraulic clutch release options.
My question is: Does anyone know which Model and Manufacturer of US 4spds will bolt up behind which Oz bell housings. I need this info so that I can order the correct bell housing to be shipped from Oz to the US to complete this installation.
Dave McNair
maybe castlemaine rod shop would be able to help i havent got the phone number just do a search and it should come up
OK Here some Bumf,
The six cylinder has a different pattern to your yankee donks.
the bellhousing that were used are:-
Hydraulic clutch to aussie 3 speed BW tranny
Hydraulic clutch to 4 speed top loader, same as 3.03 3 speed. (both used here)
cable clutch to 3 speed BW
Cable clurtch to locally made bw 4 speed
cable clutch to t5 tranny.
If your econoline uses a four speed top loader or 3 speed 3.03 your OK.
If it uses the mustang six for speed, (Mk4 Zepher 4 speed) then Im afraid NO-GO.
Does this help?
I am currently running a small bell housing. Original US 1964 170cid 4 bolt pattern with the recessed style flywheel and a Dagenham 4spd.
Does anyone have a bell housing out of the vehicle where they can give me measurements on the trans end bolt pattern center to center on the bolt holes across and top to bottom and the total length of the housing from block to trans mount surfaces?



Are these what you're looking for? Bolt spacing at the top of the bell is at 8". For reference, gearbox + bell shown is Borg-Warner 503, 6 cyl ratios.

Edit: IIRC someone asked about our manual trans flywheels. This is a pic of a flywheel OE to an XD.
To all that replied,
Great info. Thanks for the pics and measurements. I did note that your clutch relase assembly enters on the right hand side of the housing, this may pose a problem as my US vehicle is left hand drive and therefore the clutch actuator is on the left of my housing. The X-flow engine, manual, and auto bellhousing are on there way to me now. I guess I will have to wait until I get the Aussie engine and bellhousing here before I can fit a 4spd or AOD US gearbox to it. It will most likely be a month or so before I get things sorted out. I will post what worked and what didn't work when I get it together. This info should benefit people on both sides of the pond.
p.s. I was informed the word tranny means something quite different down under than it does in the US. If I did use it I apologize, I will use the term gear box in any new posts.
Disco, i be needing my engine stand in 3 weeks, can you get down to see me?
The tranny that disco has shown is the locally made BW 4 speed, commonly known as the single rail.
The bellhousing is a leter one with cable clutch actuation, there are hydraulic clutch setups that have the opening on the LHS (viewed from behind) they are easy enough to find, the 3 speed and 4 speed share common bolt patterns except for one bolt, which can be easily drilled and tapped.
If youve got a Dagenham 4 speed (Zepher) then Im afraid there isnt anything made for that box, which your 250 crossflow would destroy pretty quickly anyway.
hm. Sounds like theres several types of clutch actuation for the BW Single Rail gearbox - the one I'm in the middle of fitting has the lever on the passenger side. Had to get a Late XF clutch cable to suit..

Jeff, when is a good time to call you?
Dave - I doubt you've offended anyone. Australian humour is pretty robust.
The bell housing pictured above shows the clutch actuator on the left hand side of the vehicle. If that is the standard single rail 4 spd bell housing that I will be receiving, I think I will be able to hook up something to make it work. There are plenty of cable actuated cars in our wrecking yards, certainly something can be engineered to work properly. A little machining and welding of brackets and all my problems should be solved.
Some friends of mine had an old Toyota Coaster bus that they fitted with a warmed up Chrysler 265 six. Added a five speed box, a highway gear set to the diff, and off it went.

Your van should have a distinct weight advantage over the old Tojo. I predict it will be **** quick when required.

Regards, Adam.