Valve train geometry


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Out of curiosity (trying to fit higher ratio rocker arms) if you increased the ratio from 1.6:1, to say, 1.75:1, would the push rods need to be shortened? For whatever reason mine are too short after "supposedly" increasing the ratio. Either the rockers I have are not a higher ratio or something fishy is going on. Thanks!

well doesnt the ratio 1.75:1 refer to the amount of valve travel to amount of pushrod travel. The valve moves 1.75, or farther than 1.6, to one pusrod movement.

So the pushrod would move the same distance, but the valve would move farther because the amount of movement on one side of the fulcrum is .75 greater than on the pushrod side of the fulcrum.

Does this make sense? I think so...
I posted this over on the 300 forum also. SuperMag posted a reply to it that makes sense. I was trying to use chevy valves so they were probably made for a different set up.