weber 38 adjusting question

I just installed my weber 38. i was going to wait to finish my new head, but my autolite crapped out on me and left me no choice. I used the stovebolt adapter, mounted the carb with the throttle towards the valve cover, and bent the stock trottle rod to reach it. Seems to work fine, but I'm havign a little trouble with the choke.

For starters, how do I wire the electric choke?

Second: Is it adjustable? Do I just loosed the three screws and turn it?

P.S. a VAST improvement in performance!!
Hi falcon fanatic,

Glade you're happy with the Weber 38. Should run even better on the new head. By the way, I have been afraid to go to the 38 for fear that it would be boggy off the line. Was going to go to the 32/36 when I install my cam. What cam are you running and how it is the bottom end pull?

Now for your question:
1) The choke needs to be wired to a 12 volt switched source. You have a 12 volt line comming off of your DII, and there is a 12 volt switched line at the generator / alternator you can use.

2) Yes, you adjust the choke by backing off the three screws and turning the housing. Do this cold and turn the choke down until it just closes. Going to tight will give you too much fuel too long.

Would really like to hear from you after the "M" head is installed.

Thanks Steve,
the 38 is not boggy. Actually it has more power off the line than with the 1101. This is on a totally stock engine, except for the headers. Remember that engiens as small as 1.5 liters routinely run this carb, and even bigger carbs like the 45mm sidedraft. On an engine this big the 38 is fine.