What air cleaner?



Hello guys,

I am rebuilding a 250 and I am using a cliffy adapter with a Holley 2V...I am wondering what air cleaner to use to get appropriate hood clearance?Any suggestions for donor cars I can look in at the wrecker yard....I am interested in Geezers ram air system so I would like something appropriate for that use...Any help would be great eh? :LOL:
Here's my latest setup,


Look for a 2V aircleaner off a early 80's T-Bird or Mustang GT to get the aircleaner assy with the fancy lid or if you want a pinted one just like this look for a aircleaner off a Early 80's Bronco, F-150 or 82-84 Ford Van with a 302 or 351.

The duct work you can pickup at any auto parts store. Tell them you need the replacement air ducts for a early style Ford Ranger. They come in 3 different lengths IIRC. These ones are 25.25 IIRC.

As I get time I'll update my ram air page ;)