What engine does this carb. go on?



It's a remanufactured 1100 that replaces Ford part numbers: C3DF-S, C30F-AA-AL-AM, C4DF-N, C40F-G. No specific engine size given with this information.

By looking in my '64 Falcon shop manual, I found that the first 2 listings are for a 144 and 170 w/auto trans. Are most reman. carbs. like this sold to you w/o being "engine specific" (meaning, I thought that each engine had different size jets)? I guess to them if it bolts on, it's considered a replacement, regardless of engine size.

Can someone look in the carb. specs. section of a '65 manual to see what the last two are?

I get 170 for the C4OF-9510-G, and don't have your particular C4DF version listed in mine. Those which are there, are 144s.

Unfortunately, my cut-down manual doesn't specify which box behind the motor.