What happened to the Argentine heads?


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Just wondering. There was lots of talk about the Argentine heads and packages being offered two months ago but that seems to have dissapeared. Were they displaced by the australian heads that are being offered now?
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Im highly considering a an Aussie 250-2V, but would be interested in the Argentine head too if anyone is supplying them currently. I don't think the price difference would be large if any at all, but just want to consider the different options.

Martin(Southern Cross Racer) has been working hard trying to get these heads over here. I think he had an ME he was trying to sell a few months back, I believe it's sold or is in "escrow".

I would suggest a group buy but thats up to Martin.

I already bought a used ME head for a fellow member, that's going to be cleaned and packed up and delivered via UPS.
The reason I don't have the SP package available yet, is mainly cost. I have to invest a lot of money to cast the intakes, buy the heads, and such, not to mention paying local duties and such. Wich translates into a lot of orders to make it worthy.
But, since then, Im buying used heads per request, to be shipped by UPS. If you're interested, send me a PM and I'll give you more details.
Thanks for your interest. Martín.