What is it for?



It has been so long since I started working on some of this that I don't remember correctly so here goes. On the Carb spacer there is a "pipe" that comes off. I assume this is for vacuum. Correct me if I am wrong. On the log there is a threaded hole. I remember this as going to to the old carb. I am sure it was for vacuum.

I am installing the HW 5200 on a stovebolt adapter. I am converting to duraspark distributor. The 5200 only seems to have one port for vacuum.

What do I do?
The port on the original spacer is for the PCV, the one on the intake log is for the tranny (if auto) and the power booster (if equipped). The one on the carb is for the vacuum advance.
The one on the log originally ran to the carb. Not saying you are wrong but that doesn't make sense.
Maybe when you "originally" got it....

The carb sits right on top of the open intake manifold. It doesn't need another source of vacuum.