what jet sizes ?


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i have a 2 barrell holley 500cfm 0-4412 carb.i am wondering what jet sizes
you guys run in yours (if you have one ).i have found on the holley site
that at 1500ft above sea level they recommend 73 jet size.Down here in
NZ im probably only 100 ft above sea level.anybody with a 250 six cross
or non crossflow out there know what there running and what power valve there using .thanks in advance

cheers dave 67xr6
There's likely more people rooting around with 500 Holleys on the big 240/300 sixes. You might well find a more forthcoming answer or two in that Forum area.

The Torana guys often are pretty switched on about Holley fuel curves (but on 350 carbs). Expect to spend some dyno bucks to get it where it really sings.

cheers addo,i was getting a complex...no one reads my posts.
just waiting on some cash then its off to the dynoman.
will post dyno results when there available.....unless there real sad and ill
be to busy pulling the motor for a bit more of a tickle. maybe some more porting and a flowbench job.

cheers dave 67xr6
hay dave i just pulled my holley apart and it has #79 jets i can look at the othere thing for youif you tell me were to look. this carb was set up for my 250 but to run on avgas if it makes any differance it worked fine with LRP, but i found it didn't pull as hard in high speed like a four barrel.