what's up at Cliffords



Whats going on guys, this is Eric, formorly of Cliffords. I've heard a rummor that things at Cliffords are still bad. Anyone had any recent bad encounters?

Not personally, but as a result of hearing all the bad stuff...I bought all my items from other places...got all the same things, better price...and probably better service.

They're allegedly bringing out a new tunable EFI system for the 300 that's going to sell for a mere $1800. (The quarter section of swampland costs extra.) :roll:
Just bought the 38/38 DGES carb, adaptor, valve cover and ceramic coated headers from them. Recieved the package in about two weeks. The carb lid (chrome) was dented so I sent it back and they sent me a new one. I'd give Clifford a B+ for quality and services. Only complaint I have is that they told ME to send back the carb lid. I would expect that the company would pay for shipping to send it back, but i've heard the problems associated with Clifford so I was more than happy to pay the $3 to get my new lid.

Eric! Good to see your still around.

Check out our own new and improved version of Clifford at fordsixparts.com.

Mike has sourced parts for the Fords from probably just about all of Clifford's sources, and has made quite a few new connections as well. Plus, his prices are better and his customer service is A+.

what are the best sites to order from. i like what i see at clifford and i wanted to know if anybody got the package deal with the head, header, oil pan and pump, etc......

i just wanna know cause i would like to get it if you can maybe tell me where i can get hi po stuff elsewhere the website or any info would be great
sorry wrong place it wasnt cliffords it was fordsixparts.com
Was sold the wrong carb adapt and returned it in Nov. And I'm still waiting for the credit on my card. Got no response from E-mails, had to call and they said they would take care of that day. I'll have to wait and see on my next statement.

Good parts, lousy service.
I ordered a carb adapter, port divider, double locking valve stem locks, and double valve springs from Cliffords. The individual was very resourceful with my questions and told me parts would be to me within 2 weeks. All but the springs came within 4 days and the backordered springs came today, 2 weeks from the day I talked to them. I have no problems with them at all. Alot better service then I receive from Napa here in my town. 10 times better than the performance shop here as well, and Clifford is a specialized performance supplier that private individuals can buy from directly. Not an easy task.
Seems that they ahve taken the customer complaints to heart.

You can't sell even the best stuff if your service is lousy. Hope they continue to do right by everyone.
In reguards to the issues of the credit put on the card, that has been a problem with Cliffords for a couple of years now, I feel it's due to irresponsibility on behalf of Cliffords. Legally they are not alowed to charge the card until the parts are ready to ship, they do it to make things easier at the office. To address the issue of the carb linkage, you can thank the new owners of Cliffords for getting rid of the last of the people that know anything about the Clifford line. After I was fired, there was no one working at Cliffords that knew anything about the parts that Cliffords carries or about auto mechanics in general. I don't know any of the new people there, they might be sharp, but I can tell you that Larry himself has no real automotive experience, for Christ sakes he a friggin hair stylist! I just hope that every thing there is running fine, I'd hate to see the Legacy of Jack go down in flames, that's why I stayed so long after Jack, Jay and Phil left, to try and keep the company afloat.


BTW to get the info on that webber linkage, call 1800-733-2227, I think that's still the number, and get a hold of one of the techs at Webber. Those guys are where Larry gets all his carb info. Rus or one of the many guys there should help get you the parts. They don't sell to the public, but he can point you in the right step.