X-Flow 4-barrel Intake Manifold

It'd be either a LYNX, Cain, or Redline. Cain are around used, LYNX rare, Redline still available. There are iron head and alloy head variants of each (not interchangeable).

Cheers, Adam.
I'd have my money on it being a Redline manifold.
Chris Mills Performance (Perth, Aus.) stock them, the photo you posted looks almost identical to the one i saw a few weeks back.
If i remember correctly it was priced at about the $300 AUD mark.
Hard to be 100% sure, but it looks to say "P/N 12-71", making it the alloy head version. The iron head one is 12-46. List early last year was around $250, so Mike would be on the ball with pricing.
Thats the Cain model.

If you do happen to have a iron head crossflow and want this manifold I have one in my shed you can have for $US50.
dont think its a redline,if it is its an old style.i have a redline 4 barrell set up and the runners are a squarish shape.looks like its off a cast head.does it have the water hole under number 2.got my redline new in NZ for $260.00
My mistake...
Please dont make me eat my shoe-laces. ;)

No you don't. It only applies to smart ass comments about late model EFI engines and spring tower braces!

to quote my good self:-

Look at Jacks Mustang. All you Aussies here go an check out a an XG Falcon 4 liter engine bay. If the OHC doesn't fit into an early Falcon or Stang with spring tower braces like Mr Collins, I'll eat my shoe laces!

Pictures of me eating my shoelaces soon

(I've been soaking them in bicarbonate of soda, is that cheating?)

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Not sure about extra crispy, but if you have too much intake, you'll wind up carrying an overbuilt bottom end.

Seriously, the compactness of the design might make it a good candidate for an early Falcon or Stang, but the flow development in those little bronchioles could be somewhat uneven.