XF Question



I have a XF falcon 3 speed auto. I am wanting to know what the best 5 speed gearbox for me would be. At the moment all i have is extractors and an exhaust but soon to change the cam and the carby before meddling some more. Also how much would one cost me.
Thanks for any help
1. If you are monied, try a CRS or Dellow bell housing and Toyota Supra 5-speed gearbox. The drive shaft needs to be modified to fit the Toyota yoke. The box is used in Commodore Challenge racing, and cops 290 hp+ in a 1350 kg 253 V8...without breaking!

2. Second option, an economical one , is just the single rail BW 4-speed. As long as it hasn't been thrashed and the nylon ball holdin the shifter is okay, then it's a drop in with the right bits. The Cortina ones don't fit unless you want a bench front seat...the shifter is much further forward (127 mm). The XB/C/D/E/F cars had them, and the best one is the EFI XE one which has closer lower ratios which would suit a 3.23:1 set of diff gears. The stock XF ute had a 3.47:1 first , 2.00:1 2nd, and 3rd was 1.43:1 which is way low. The XF got wider ratios, because customers complianed of over gearing! The XE EFI had a 3.06:1 first, 1.93:1 2nd, 1.31:1, 3rd. Same as 302 V8's. An XB-XE 351 has around 2.42:1, 1.78:1, 1.26:1 on its single rail.

3. The nicest one, if you can get it, is the T5 5-speed. It isn't very nice price-wise, but is fairly strong (not us good as a Single Rail, though), and has a nice lopeing overdriven 5th. It does have wide ratios , though.

4. TopLoader 4-speed. Can be a goodie, but mainshafts are no longer serviced in Aussie off the shelf, and the linkage is obstructive and the tranny tunnel needs a few smacks to clear the linkage. It's bullet proof, though! Nothing to put 450 hp through one of these. All you need is a toploader bell housing off a pre XB Falcon or early TC Cortina 6.

9999. Make sure you don't get a 3.3 5-speed gearbox. The XE version has perfect ratios, but the thing was designed for Sigmas and Commodore 4's, and was so overtaxed in a 3.3 1320 kg Falcon that a 4.1 will keel it dead!
I would say go the Tojo "steel case" 5-speed conversion. A box can often be found secondhand quite cheap and it's tougher than the standard T-5 here. CRS and Dellow do the various bits required to fit, but you may need to adjust your tailshaft length. With used kits for "that other brand" of motor ;) , a cost of $700-900 is typical (new kit price $1700 or so complete). Fords may be cheaper, but not sure.

If you can score a T-5 with aftermarket shifter internals at the right price, this may be an alternative.

Regards, Adam.