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Rotating assembly questions?

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Rotating assembly questions?

Post #1 by falcon_master » Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:57 am

Hey everyone. Please excuse me making a lot of topics recently. I've just kinda exploded with ideas lately. So as most of you probably know my plan is to keep my original 144 block and to put a 4 main 200 crank and rods in it to make a 180CI. Now is this a ridiculous idea all for about 40CI. I like it because all I have is a Honda Civic and while I can buy a 200 six for $200-350 I can't transport it to my house and can't afford an extra $200 of shipping costs. And it's not like I can cram a greasy long i6 into a tiny civic. So this allows me to keep my stock engine (keeps the value up) and to upgrade it to make more power. My question is in the falcon handbook I keep repeatedly reading that the seven main is better for higher revs and the 4 main has some reliability problems. Is this going to become worse with a 200 crank in it. I'm not going to be racing all the time but I don't want to snap a crank or throw a rod from crank vibrations. Also I just want your opinion is rebuilding one of these old sixes possible for a person like me. I am mechanically inclined and do have the shop manual. I have rebuilt a 2cyl before and many other small engines. I understand how they work. I guess I'm intimidated by this as it's my first full size engine. Like how do you pull one out and reinstall it back in the trans all lined up? Stuff like that. Thanks for the help everyone. When I start the rebuild I'll be sure to make a series on YouTube of it. Showing step by step what I did and stuff.
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Re: Rotating assembly questions?

Post #2 by ags290 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:24 pm

My first question would be where are you going to find a 200 4 main crank? They are kind of like a unicorn.
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Re: Rotating assembly questions?

Post #3 by chad » Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:06 pm

check pikesan or echo's vid. Watch all the way thru (6 or 8 for each). It's an undertaking (time, tools, space. $, skill...)
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