170 to 200 engine swap



Im swapping out the 170 engine of my 70 Bronco, in favor of a 68' 200 out of a Falcon that I recently purchased for 200 bucks. Couple of questions I have about what fits,, and what works best. I need to swap over the thermostat housing, and the water pump,, which I assume will be ok. also have to need a carb, can use the 170 carb(which is running extremely rich now) , or should I spring for something better. Can I also swap over the oil pan and pump? Im also guessing the flywheel will bolt up without problem. Any tips on carb tuning, and the whole swap in general please dont hesistate to let me know.. Thanks

Ken; I have a 66 bronco and I put a 250 in it but I looked at the 200 first and it seems to be a fairly strait forward swap. I think the 170 oil pan might fit the 200 (you need the rear sump so your diff doesnt punch out your pan on a big bump) if not I think some mustangs and mavericks in the 70s had a rear sump pan like the one on your 170. You may want to use the flywheel clutch and pressure plate off the 200 as I believe it is a 10 inch clutch and the 170 is only a 9 inch although it will still probably fit. I dont know if the newer broncos like yours had a safety device on the motor mounts, the 66 just had bonded rubber. if yours are just bonded rubber you may want to bolt a piece of chain from the mount to your block on the side that torques over as the 200 has more torque and hp than the 170 . I used the 170 mounts the mount separated and my fan blade hit the rad hose, bent and went thru my new rad. the rad may not have the capacity to cool the bigger motor if you do alot of 4 wheeling, you might have to put another row of core on the rad. if you get a 2 inch body lift you can put any carb you want on the 200. The carb you have may not be big enough the only other carbs I found that would fit are an autolite II01 which is pretty much the same design as the 1100 but flows more cfms and fits the bigger manifold and will also fit he bronco air cleaner (if you have the one that fits over the top of the carb and then bolts on to the side of the block) or the carter RBS which is a bigger carb but you would have to find a low profile air cleaner to fit it. I have found the other carters and holleys are too tall to fit under the hood but have used both of these carbs and found them both good carbs. You might also use the throttle linkage off the 200-the piece that bolts on the side of the block and holds the cable, its easier to adapt than the bronco throttle hookup. Other than that i cant think of anything else the clutch linkage etc. hooks right up, I dont think youll have many problems with this swap. Good Luck--------------Larry
Ken, I can't add much to what Larry said except to say it should be a fairly straight forward swap.But I was curious about that 170. I've been looking for a seven main 170 for quite some time. If you are ever interested in parting with it, please let me know.

Yes, oil pan fits. I had '66 200 engine with beten up oil pan.
when my roommate swapped his Falcon to v8, he just left old 170 engine in his grage for a while. And I just took it from there. It was exactly the same.
Thanks for the help guys, Im sure I'll have more questions as time goes by. By the way,, Franklin the 170 block is a 4 main,, and the crank needs to be turned. #6 rod journal is kinda rough. I'll keep you guys posted on the swap. For now its off to NAPA to hopefully find some leaner jets for the carb. Still debating if I should "refresh" the 200 with new bearings. Have to see what money the wife will allow. Thanks again