200 NO HP



I have recently rebuilt my 65 200
I rebuilt it stock, had the head redone (3 angle vaive job, surfaced)
turned the crank .030
Bored .030
machineist said that the cam was fine to reuse so I did
new Camberings
I just replaced the dist. rotor and cap, wires
My prob. is after all that it still seems to be very weak
just as weak as befor i rebuilt it
the engine has less than 200 miles on the rebuild so it may not be broke in enough , my rear seal is leaking so I am planning on removeing the engine again to fix that so what else do you think i should do?

If is possible that when you rebuilt the motor the new composite head gasket spaced the ehad enough that you took a hit in compression and therefore power. Also double check your timing.
maby it didnt really need a rebuild...... check your carb, ignition....stuff like that..after i did both my carb and ignition i know that helped alot. considering my coil was rusted on the inside and that carb wasnt touched sence 1966. if you are in the same boat trust me if you do those things it will help alot.
Thanks for the advice
When I took the head to the machine shop they said that it was in bad shape and that was the reason it did not have any power, so I fiquered that after it was redone it would make a lot of difference, but to my surprise it didn't, your right about the carb it does need rebuilt, it has a tag on it that says it was rebuilt in 88 but I'm sure it could use another one, and the coil was on the car when I got it so I'm sure it could use replacing.
BTW does anyone know where I can buy a brand new flex plate for my
C-4, I think mine may be cracked, there is a loud tapping noise where the starter attaches, it is coming from behind the dust cover, does it soud like the flex plate to you .
Thanks :unsure:: :unsure:: :unsure::
If you say that your old engine was in bad shape then I wouldn't bet on the old cam being good. Also if the head wasn't shaved enough to make up the difference of the newer head gasket that would be a big difference. Another thing is the timming. You also may have a weak distributor or coil you can have that check out.
that tapping could be spark plugs. i know mine came loose after about 100 or so miles on the re-build so i would check them first. (y)