200ci problem




i have a problem with my 1980 200ci engine

i have to hold it at 1200rpm to keep it running, and it doesn't run stable
she dies at lower rpm
i guess it's a fuel problem?

Sounds like your idle fuel mixture screw is not set properly.

What kind of carb are we talking about, that way we can tell you where to look.

it's a motorcraft 1946 carburetor (factory)

but the engine ran well until now and i didn't change anything
Sometimes it can rattle loose. Mine did that once and it boggled me until I checked it and found it had nearly closed the idle air mix completely.

OTher then that...I wouldn't say it is the fuel pump since the car is actually running at higher speeds. Could be the timing has gotten out of whack. Double check that.

Also, take a look at your spark plugs. See if any are fouling. You may have a dead plug. On the same token, check your wires for a spark. If you don't have all cylinders firing right, it could cause the engine to die at low RPMs and run rough at higher RPMS. I once ran my 200 with 3 cylinders firing...it was ugly.

I wouldn't say it is a fuel problem since the car is running at higher RPMs, when there is a higher fuel demand, but your pump maybe be worn out.