250 electric fan setup



After I get my car back from getting the headliner and glass reinstalled I am going to work on getting it moving on it's own power again... What have those who have installed 250s done for cooling fan setups? It appears that there is only room for a pusher fan but It has to be awful slim to fit behind the grille... I think I found one in the Summit Racing catalog, but I think it was a racing fan for circle track and I can't remember the CFMs.

The car is a '65 Falcon. Thanks for any info.
That's a really nice fan setup... you make it look so simple... would this clear a 3 row radiator, I am sure it would if I use the 16" version.

I am running a 17" flexfan now and it takes up a ton of room and does little to really work well in summer...

Plus running no fan on the waterpump pulley would be great.

Let us know how it runs as the temps rise, I am sure it will do fine...