264 and 272h cams



is the 264 bigger than the 272,,,because i looked up the 272 and it has a .449 lift,and the 264 has a .450 lift?
those are just stock cam specs,i was asking about performance camshafts,and i dunno where i got em,i just know of em
Duration and lift are two different things. Talk to Southern Cross Racer about REAL cams.
You want to stay away from words like bigger when talking about cams. You also probably want to look for more lift rather than more duration... -Unless- you want to build a higher revving (where it makes its power) engine, then you want lots of lift and lots of duration, and lots of compression.

btw those look like Cliffords camshaft specs. No reason to go with Clifford, unless you really want those spec cams (there are similar grinds made by the other companies) or unless you really would like to pay more.

If I was getting another cam I'd go with one of Crane's dual pattern cams or something by the Australian companies. (just cuz they probably know sixes better)
Try imagining a camshaft lobe like a wall. The duration is the thickness of the wall, and the lift is the height.

Now, say the wall is three feet thick. How tall is it?

Or, the wall is 30 feet high. How thick is it?

Does this help clarify the difference between the two terms? Although there are common relationships between lift and duration, nothing is set in stone (pun intended). As KC mentioned, other countries that deal with sixes are often more adventurous in six cylinder cams, than a V8 loving nation like the US.

Regards, Adam.
For more info. go to the Tech section of this site and read the "Camshaft Tech Advise" article.