2v Head Milling


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Fotr those of you who have put the 2v head on a 200. How much have you milled the head? Is the combustion chamber volumn the same as the US 250?. Any Idea what your compression ratio is with the dished pistons?


Australia never had the "steel shim" type gaskets. For this reason, our heads CC smaller than the equivalent/similar US ones.

Normally, milling would only be done to clean up any irregularities. The most I've seen a head out by was 6 thou total wind; that pretty well would torque flat, so I lightly dressed it with an oilstone. (For a clean surface seal.)

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My head cc-ed at 46cc and my son's cc-ed at 56cc, even so both engines will be about 9.6:1 as block height, casket thickness, cc, pistons, all factor into the CR. You can check your compression ratio by going to http://falconperformance.sundog.net/compcalculator.asp this is Falcon Performance web site, BTW get their book on building up the 170/200/250 Ford inline six.

I'll have my head cc'd and go from there. Mustangaroo, did you have your head milled and how much?

I do have the book. I assumed that the 2v heads had the same chamber volumn as the US 250 head
My head came that way? Other than surface job I didn't have any cut down? But then I didn't deck my block either! ;)