5200 Elect. Choke???


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Any one know the amps or watts of the full elect. choke???
I wanna hook up an inline fuse to be on the safe side.
I dont know about the 5200 but when I hooked up my electric choke on my '68 mustang, I had a 25Amp fuse with a 30amp relay. But that relay powered the choke and the ACC power for my radio.

Could you tell me where you got your electric choke from? what is it off? Who did you order it from. Electric webber chokes seem to be elusive little suckers...

I got my 5200 from Stovebolt. I wanted something with a manual choke, but he didn't have any so this is what I got. (Still might switch to manual, kits are avail.)
According to his instruction sheet sent with the carb., "Newer versions of this carb had a fully electric choke, which can be installed on older carbs."
Tom at Stovebolt should be able to hook you up with one.

As far as my elect. choke, I ran off the back of the ign. switch with a 10a inline fuse. I plan on borrowing a DC ampmeter to check, but so far so good.
10Amp fuse is fine you could even run a 2-5 amp fuse, I have a 5200 electric choke and it works very well! Put a 2 amp in and if it doesn't blow it's OK! You want the fuse to blow if excessive amps are pulled, as in a short! remember a fuse blowing thats too small for your application won't hurt anything but a too large fuse can burn up wire :shock: