ACL Bearing catalogue



Hopefully this link will work. It will take you too a download site on the ACL website.

From here I downloaded a bearing catalogue for the ACL range. it includes upto AU falcon.

It doesn't give sizes etc but it gives part numbers.

For example choose ford then 250 and it will take you into a list of engine genrations of the 250. Pick the right generation and it brings up the parts.

highlight a part and press A (dos version) and it gives all the other applications for this part number

I picked ford and 170 and I noticed they had a U.S and canada model section. it had a bunch of parts available. I pick the part number and choose applications and it shows up a whole bunch of Aussie models that use the same bearing.

For example the conrod bearings seem to be the same for basically every model falcon six including auusie and U.S models.

Main bearings seem to be compatible etc.

Just though it might be a useful resourse for some of the guys who have crossflow and OHC engine in the U.S Mustangs thanks to trading on this site. da man!

Just looking at main bearings in the Aussie verses US 250's. Jack Collins had this to say:-

1. As I pointed out earlier, the bearing caps are a little heftier than the US250's. The block casting is very well done. The bearings are identical to the US250 with one exception. The Oz motor only uses a thrust surface on the block side as opposed to the US bearing which has a thrust surface on the cap also. This means I will have to trim away the thrust surface from the cap bearing shell in order to use it in the OZ motor.

2.The biggest problem it that the thrust bearing is wider than the US version. The crank is machined wider to fit. So though I can get the other 6 1/2 shells to go in, the thrust bearing is not going to work. So far that means that gaskets and main bearings will have to be imported.

There should be different part numbers for Aussie and Yank 250's.
heres the difference for US vs AUZZIE main bearings.

AUZZIE 250 p/n 7M2158 STD (using standard size for specs)

MAINS 1-4 , 6-7 standard shft size 2.3982/2.3990
standard tunnel size 2.590/2.5910
length 1.020
MAIN 5 FLANGED standard shaft size 2.392/2.3990
standard tunnel size 2.5902/2.5910
length 1.271

US BLOCK p/n 7M2188STD (using standard size for specs)
or stamped
UPK on block
rear of coil

MAINS 1-4 ,6-7 standard shaft size 2.3982/2.3990
standard tunnel size 2.5902/2.5910
length .970
MAIN 5 FLANGED standard shaft size 2.3982/2.3990
standard tunnel size 2.5902/2.5910
length 1.195

these bearings are a "F780" material ,which is trimetal
74% copper 23%lead 2% tin
7M2158 AUZZIE bearings avalable in "HP" performance
which is the same material but has a partial 3/4 groove in lower main
bearing for increased oil supply .also has increased crush ,wall eccentricity and a micro-fine machined bearing surface +/- 0.000075"
wall size tollerance (when matched with precisiion ground journal and correctly sized housing).

hope these specs can help someone ,if you need any more info let
me know

cheers dave 67xr6