aftermarket pistons?



Hello all! I am here from tempo The people there suggested I come here to ask about pistons since the 2.3hsc and the 200/250 six share bore size and the same pin height on the pistons. Are there any aftermarket forged pistons available? I am looking into turbocharging my 2.3 and I would like to find forged. If I have to I think I can get by with cast if I can find them in a lower compression ratio. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Nope custom pistons have to be ordered. Ross is one company I have looked at. About $600 for a set of six with pins.

Actually most of the guys are running the stock cast Tempo 2.3L HSC pistons since forged are so expensive.
I think I found some on They list forged pistons for the ford six and "2300cc" engine. I'm going to call them tomorrow during business hours to make sure that they aren't for the ohc 2.3 and exactly what sixes they sell them for!
You can get ACL hypereutectics with file-fit rings here in Oz for about USD$250. These will easily handle a mild blower application. Do you really need forgies?

Regards, Adam.
Well yes I really need forgies or just use lower compression cast pistons. Hypereutectics aren't good for turbo applications. Hypereutectics have a high silicon content which makes them more brittle. They tend to crack with the slightest bit of detonation and you end up with a $250 set of ash trays.
forged= best
cast= ok (some turbo cars come stock with cast)
hypereutectics= out of the question
I know it's a chrysler site but it has really good information on pistons and turbocharging. My friend who runs turbo dodges swears by this site. He says it is the "bible" for turbocharging.
TRW used to have a production forged piston. I bought a set for a now aborted rebuild abiut 25 years ago. Don'r remember the P/N
IIRC, PAW had pretty cheap forgies.

Do Rexes run forged pistons? Disco or MarkZE - we need your knowledge!

Forged pistons for the inline six are still available in Argentina, due to the popularity of TC racing. There's a number of models available with floating piston pins. Let me know if you're interested and I'll find out for you. Martín.