Alternator noise problem.



I got a 200 C4 A/C pony and it seems the alternator sounds a bit loud when in idle and driving. I'm planning to check it this weekend and I'm wondering, what are the things I should look at?

Thanks. :)
First off how many drive belts does your pony have?
A simple test, drop the belts off the front of your engine. Spin the altenator by hand, fast as you can. Stop it, then spin the water pump. With the fan on. Listen to the noise level.
If either is noisy, rebuild or replace it.
Hope that helps,
P.S. If your car has air conditioning, try spining any idler pulleys. Its easy to asses noises with out the belts than guessing with the engine running.
I got 2 belts. I'll do that test. There's a "whizzy, trebly" sound out of it. BTW, I got a generic 8 inch circular air filter right now, will a bigger one makes any difference in terms of power and suction? I'm planning to mount say 12 or 14 inches, will it help?
Alternator "whine" is allegedly a sign of a shorted or blown diode. I say allegedly because all the ones that have died on me, done gone silently.

On to question 2: While a larger diameter airfilter has more surface filter area (and hence theoretically more space for air to pass through), there are other factors to play with. A smooth flow of air into the carb top will actually give the best volume intake of air. That's why the "trumpets" on some carb types (like downdraught Webers) have the shape they do. Turbulence is only effective after the fuel has been introduced, as it keeps an even mix in suspension. Turbulence before the top of carb, is just slowing airflow rates.

IIRC, Chevytown had a combination intake trumpet and filter rig he'd got somewhere. This is possibly one approach to consider. Although, if you're running a near-stock carb, changing the airfilter size may only enhance performance by lightening your wallet, as they say. :unsure:

Cheers, Adam.
I got a stock Autolite carb. Dunno what model coz the tag is gone. Its the smallest I guess, the 1100 model. Since my rebuilt, it began sucking air "continuously" and you can definitely hear the sound of it. I'm planning to change carbs given I have the money but for now I have no choice but to stick with it.

Have any tips how to reduce engine vibration? Everytime I rev, the car's body shifts down right on the passenger side. Looks cool though but somehow I'm bothered with it. If this is normal, I don't mind at all.

Yeah, my alternator "whines" recently. So I got a high trebly sound coming from my air filter plus the alternator, I can beat any sopranos out tere. :D
I recently had the same sound coming from my wifes car. Turned out a bearing in the alternator had gone bad. Called local Autozoo priced a remanned alternator at $135 Called local alt. shop...cost $35 to have it rebuilt.
Just a little FYI on the alternators. In 1967/68 the origional alternators had a rounded flange for the adjusting bolt. The newer ones that are sold when you turn in your core have a squared off flange. If you want to stay origional and still have the origional casting have it rebuilt. The rounded ones are getting hard to find.