another carb identification picture

Howdy Chaz:

The carb is an Autolite 2150. It is a later model wide base two barrel. This carb and the earlier 2100 were used on a jillion small and large block FoMoCo V8 engines. I don't believe it was ever used on a six cylinder engine. It is a later version of the 2100. It is different in that it has a number of feedback EPA mandated functions and limiters not found on the 2100s. You can easily see at least two solinoids, or electronic switches on its outside. The low speed air screws are capped or sealed too.

This is not a progressive linkage carb like the H/Ws. They came in a variety of sizes depending on application. The size is cast onto the side of the bowl under the accelerator pump arm.

There are innovators on this forum who can make anything work on anything, but, IMHO you'd be time and money ahead to find and rebuild an Autolite 2100 from the mid to late 60s in either a 1.08 (287 cfm) or 1.14 (300 cfm) size to use on your 200. It will require an adaptor or a modified manifold to mount it.

The pluses for the Autolite 2100 is that they are cheap, very adjustible and easy to work on and rebuild, they have no gasket lines below the fuel level, the bowls are well vented, they come in many sizes, they are very adjustible, and they have annular discharge venturi boosters. The down side is that they are no longer manufactured so new parts are hard to find. Holley jets do not work in Autolite carbs (with the possible exception of power valves).

All in all, I'd pass on this carb, regardless of price.

Adios, David
thank you. as you know,I am in search of solutions...and I am still weighting the 2bbl vs 1bbl delemia.

every time I see a resonable carb, I go "ohh... I wonder"...again, thanks for steering me away from this..

now I am leaning toward the 5200 with the stovebolt...again.