Anyone Ever Put V8 Pistons In A 200 or 250?



I saw this mustang at a show that had triple carbs, V8 pistons, and a 5-Speed Tranny. I was thinkin of taking my engine to a engine machine shop and throwing v8 pistons in it. Does anyone have any experience with this?
Nowdy FMC:

Yup, the 255 V8 pistons have the same bore and oversizes and pin size as the 200/250 engines, but it has a pin height of 1.585", compared to the 200/250 pin height of 1.50". that means that they are .085" taller. They are a flat-top design, but have 4 cast in eyebrows, typical of standard V8 cast pistons. These pistons are particularly useful in dealing with the monstrous .150" deck height typically found in 250 blocks, but it's a bit too much for the typical .025" found in the 200's.

If you must have a flat top piston in a 200, you'd be better of with the 2.3 HSC Tempo pistons. They are identical to a 200, but have no dish and no eyebrows.

All are of cast construction so there is no strength or performance value to one over the other, except to raise compression. As a matter of fact, dished pistons, in a wedge shaped combustion chamber head engine tend to make more power, all esle being equal.

The ideal is to deck a 200 block to zero, use a small dished piston, the thinnest head gasket possible and mill the head to the desired compression ratio. All done, for less money then with HSC flat-top or 255 V8 pistons. Your choice, but V8 is not necessarily better.

Adios, David