Anyone need some parts???



What up
I am going to the junk yard tomorrow to pull apart a 200 I6 they have. Let me know if anybody needs some parts, such as hard to get parts (like what i have to get) and i'll be happy to pull it and mail it to you
it has a duraspark dizzy on it and a carter YF, but it's been sitting for outside for a bit so i don't kno if the carb is salvageable. Manifold looked good, valve cover, etc. looked pretty good.
let me kno
im just looking for a place that carries chrome parts for a 200
let me tag this on with your shopping trip,

Today I went to the yard and snapped some pics
Don't worry y'all, I will be back with some specific questions regarding these beuties.


wow, so that's what heaven looks like :D

i really wish i could find yards around here with that number of cars related to mine
heh yea, i had allready looked through those when i made that comment
WoW ,no 1 meter snow and -20 celcius cold ,and most interesting cars too :shock: !!!!!!!
Hey Coupe Boy,

Where are you? I am in Fort Collins as well. What boneyard is that?

We shoudl hook up sometmie to see each others rides...

That is Martin's Supply out on Highway 34 on the way to Greeley. I will be going out there again this weekend, they are open from 8-noon, PM me and we can hook up and go "shopping" if you like, it would make my SWMBO absolutely thrilled..I can hear her thoughts already "great... somebody to go junk shopping with him... I wonder what he will bring home this time..."

You wont like my current '68, it doesnt have enough cylinders in a row, but on the upside it does have 2 rows of them.. :LOL:

I hear you on that, my wife gets a littel ticked whenI bring hom "goodies" fromteh junk yard. I will be in denver on Saturday, so unfortunatly I can't go with.

No problem on the 68. I traded in a 95 GT with the 5.0 about a year ago for a car with 6 cylinders, except they are split in two, flat, and the motor is in the back, and parts cost a TON more than they do for my

I could alwyas use an extra hand tuning the 3 webers on teh offy set up...


i am interested in the carter yf carb i will try to salvage it for my mustang. DO you still have it hopfully we can work somthing out.
I thought that looked like Martin's Yard! Living in Ohio, I've only been there twice. But I've scrounged it thoroughly. I like the Aussie Ute that's parked out back.
You guys ever been to Speedway Auto Parts, closer to Denver, just off of I-25? Lots of neat Falcon goodies there too.
The last time I was in Colorado(God's country), we spent three days scrounging junkyards. What a great vacation!!