Anyone use a mallory distributor?


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Just curious as to what the benefits of the mallory distributors either dual point or unilite are. I guess I dont quite understand the dual point concept or why it's used. The mallorys do have an excellent vintage look to them though.
Hi amartin83,

Mallory. An excellent long time name in ignition systems. The dual point is now VERY old technology. The concept was improved dwell control and longer spark signal. The Unilite is the current technology electronic system. While available with vacuum advance these units are usually seen in applications where the engines do not produce a vac signal strong enough at low rpm to use vac advance, i.e., most of the units in use are mechanical advance only. The down side in my mind is the cost. Unless, of course, you are building an all out engine, in which case cost is probably not and issue.

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8) i have used a number of different mallory dist. and i find them to be very good. as for the unilite, that i have mixed feelings on that setup. it is good, but quality is inconsistant, at least it was 20 years ago.
I've used Mallory Dual point distibutors on my four cylinder race car for the past couple years. I've had mixed results wuth the points setups on these. It is my belief that Mallory is no longer actively supporting points type distributors, even though they still produce them.

I recently (OK, it was last March) I had a set of points loose one of the contact pads. When questioned, Mallory responded with 'switch to unilite' and your problem will disappear.' After I spend $250 for a distributor, I'm not going to spend another $150 with Mallory because they don't appear to care about the quality of the points sets they make anymore. In addition, they want (IIRC) about $12 for a set of points and another $6 for a condenser making these parts alone a $30 tune up. Cap and rotor appear to remain reasonable priced.

All this being said, I'm still using the distributors, but I run Pertronix Ignitor II's in them. This is because I believe the distributor itself is robust, and they're actually not alot more expensive than a good rebuild on the old worn out 30 year old stock distributors I can get.

Since you probably don't need the additional dwell time on a six that the dual point offers, a well good stock distributor (with good bearings and minimum shaft endplay) with a good electronic trigger will probably serve you as well as a mallort dual point. If you need to run no vacuum advance, that feature can be removed from the distributor.

There are lots of ways to skin this cat- I personally think the Mallory dual point is a very expensive knife. and has alot more blades than required. That said, they're also a real pretty distrubutor with the machined aluminum body and all. The choice is yours, but the dual point alone will not buy you a performace improvment over a well tuned stock distrubutor until you start turning some serious RPM. And if your needing to ask the question you're asking, your probably not ready to build that kind of motor... yet
I just finished installing and tuning my Offy set up and used a Mallory unilite with mechanical advance so I did nto have to worry about vacuum problems anymore.

I got the matching coil, and although it was a littel spendy, not having to deal with points makes it worth it.

I have the stoick distributor with pertronix on it in a box somewhere...