Are these Cliffords?



Here is a picutre of a Ford 223 I am thinking of buying. Are these the "Street Rod" headers that Clifford sells?


I'm probably going to buy this engine if the dude ever returns my email.

- JT
Those look to be the old style Clifford's with the long collector on them. I worked for Cliffords from 92 to 02 and they did not maske them with that long style collector while I was there. How old are they? If you got them new, they may have been N.O.S. Hope this helps
I have a line on a vendor who has both a Clifford 4V intake and a Fenton 3 x 1V intake with 2 complete carbs and a partial third for the 223. If you're interested send me a PM, I'll give you the contact info.