Argie heads



Well, since we've gotten an update about the Aussie headers... what about the Argie heads? Have to admit, that $750-to-LA package sounded like a great deal for what I need... which is about everything. If it's going to happen, that'd be something good to know before a choice is made about my upgrades.
yep. i'm still interested in this too. am stashing a few bucks aside and have been planning a garage sale of epic proportions to make it happen for me.
Martin's computer crashed so he's offline for a few days. To my knowledge everything is still moving along as planned. Once he get's the intake manifolds done, he should be ready to start moving product.
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About the heads. Im taking some measures to redesign the SP intake to accept a 4 bbl flange.
But the project is still going. Look for a detailed report about a SP buildup, including flowbench tests, in the near future. Im working on it right now.
I´ll keep you updated about the progress on this issue. Feel free to email me. Thanks for your interest. Martín.
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What is the story with the Argie heads? Is this like the Aussie head? I remember reading a post several months ago that there was a source in LA? Is this for both the Argie and Aussie?


The Argie head is an evolution of the Aussie head. The ports are better (specially the exhaust, where the engineer deleted the siamesed center exhaust port and modified the angle to make the ports exit at 90º instead of 130º). The intake manifold is made of aluminum, with a Holley 2bbl. flange. You can see some pics of a heavily ported example here:

And the manifold:

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Stay tuned, as a test example of the proposed combo (head+intake+headers) is going to be shipped to the US to be profesionally ported, flowbenched and dynoed, I hope very soon. Thanks. Martín.
Are these new like the Aussie heads?

I just got another payment from my trust and my dad will pay for the porting and polishing. When do you think you can get the heads here?
The Aussie heads aren´t available new, unlike the argie SP. The heads I will be selling are new castings.
As for how long it will take, Im currently working on the missing link, the intakes. Those aren´t available anymore. I have a pattern maker ready to do the mold and the foundry to cast them. I want to make the intakes to accept a 4bbl. carb without an adapter, so modifying the SP manifold design is taking some time. But you will read about the test head very very soon :) Martín.
Martín, how about those of us who will be running three sidedraft carbs. We will have to come up with our own manifolds. Are the heads available with just the headers? This would also give folks time, to build the head before the other parts are ready.

Ideas? Ric.

That kind of work can be done. I know of a few guys running that kind of hardware, as well as triple downdraught Webers. I´ll make sure to ask my pattern maker about it. Thanks for the good idea. Martín.