ARRGGHH!!! Cant get the exhaust manifold off


Cant get the exhaust manifold off. The light off converter makes getting to some of the underside impossible and I cant get a hacksaw in very well due to A/C lines and the factory heatshield on starter.

I am trying to cut clamp on exhaust so when I pull head bolts I can possibly wiggle the 85lb head around and get it loose from exhaust.

This car is getting a 60's exhaust manifold at worst.

Any suggestions?
8) I have the head loose.

Pulled the last bolt and head shifted to passenger side because I still cant get exhaust manifold loose.

What I would give for a sawzall or blue crescent wrench right about now.

I was curious. About 3 of the head bolts were very easy to take off like they were barely tight. And the head shifted to passenger side my guess due to tension from exhaust. I have never had a head loose like that. I have always had to pry the heads loose.