Aussie Turbo'd 221

Whats not to like about that little number? Check out the wild combo dreamed up in Club FSP, where KCStangers moan about Mustang Monthly raised a valid point. Here, the lads from MM got the rasberry over not having articles on hopped up six rebuilds. This wild'n'radical 221 I6 is The Answer.

In that forum, I suggested a 200 cid US engine with a GMC 4/71 laid over on a 30 to 45 degree slant to the left...sort of a mirror image of the Valiant/Aspen/Diplomat 225 slant six that Chrysler used for so long.

C'mon, lets do some more Substitute Cubes engines like this! Is it just Aussies who have crazy ideas that just happen to w-o-r-k?