Auto C4 with Al Head?


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Hi all, I’m in the infant stages of planning for an aluminum head. My current C4 has always leaked a little when it sits for a week. I don’t know the history on it so to be safe I plan to opt for a rebuild in the near future.

Question: is the stock automatic C4 a good match for a stock block and aluminum head?

if not what transmission should I get that is best suited for the future aluminum head.


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Yes for the most part your stock C4 with a few up grades will handle lots more power. Mods would be a TransGo shift kit, a small trans cooler, the later 1971 up input shaft, adding the V8 drums or mod yours for more clutches and steels, and depending on your cam choice a higher stall speed torque converter. With those few mods the trans is upgraded to better and stronger 1971 up V8 C4 specs.


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C-4 = least parasitic of the autos, good for upto 500HP
I likea AOD as it's non-electric (computer) and hasa OD.
U really must attend to the same ol same ol that answrs EVERY automotive Q: "What is the APPLICATION?"
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