Autolite 2100 and adapter



Does anyone know off the top of their head what adapter will work with a mid to late 70's Autolite 2100 series carb.?

I got an adapter from CobraSix that we believe is from Cliffy. It has stamped on it 1640.

I tried mating the two but it didn't quit fit. So, I made some adjustments to the adapter (grinding) an now it fits BUT now I've noticed the carburetor doesn't completely cover the adapter. It seems to over hang in some areas (not where I ground off metal, either). I think this is going to cause a problem with vacuum and maybe fuel mixture.

Does anyone follow me? :shock: If so, any suggestions would help. I'll post a picture tomorrow.


Cliffy sells two types of adapters, generic and specific application. There is a 1.5", and a 1.75", carb bore version of each for the Holley 5200 / Weber DGV, DGS series, and a set for the 2100 / 2300 type. It sounds to me like you might be in possession of a generic adapter. If it works, it works. If not, since the Clifford web site is not fully functional yet (no online catalog), you will need to call them and ask for the part number for correct, car specific, unit you need. You can then compare this to what you have. These adapters are, as I recall, all in the 1600 series.

All the best - Steve
I'm going to guess here, but I think you would have the 3 5/8 Holley Adaptor for a Weber 2 brl Carb. according to the Ford 200 catalog Larry from Clifford emailed me. The part number is 08-1640, and they sell for $68.00.
It would suprise me if you could get a 2100 /2300 carb on a weber (holley weber) adapter even with modification. If the 1640 part number is the weber adapter, you could very well have manifold leaks. Still, don't guess. Call Clifford and get the part # for the 2100 /2300 adapter for you carb bore (1.5" or 1/75"). Then you will know if you have the correct part.

Okay I do have the adapter from Cliffy and it is a 08-1640 for the Holley 2300 series carburetors.

This is also the same bolt pattern for Autolites, right? If so, then why does the adapter seem too small?