Best 2100 size to use


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Howdy guys,

Looks like someone brought this back from the dead.

So my VI adapter did not work well when I had it. After I did the 2V conversion to my head that same carb still ran like trash. The adapter might have been fine after all. I use a 1.08 now but its a different one. Runs pretty well. It does run richer than I'd like at certain times but rich is better than lean lol. Idle is rich and when the power valve opens before WOT it gets really rich, like high 10s. Theres a mod but I haven't had time and I'm kinda scared to ruin something that works haha. But I'm getting decent gas mileage if i keep my foot out of it. I was averaging like 24ish with a mild street cam and headers with this.

Hope it helps!



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I don't see any pic now. Did U use an adapter, which, 4 bots into the cast iron of the head? 3?
May B a different PV for the A/F correction (up 10).
Any leaks?


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I had pictures. The custom adapter plate I made for my 2V had 4 mounting holes. They're kinda collinear with the straight parts of the slot. Maybe lightly in. I used allen cap screws and started with 3/4" aluminum block.