blowing the sud out (all day?)



hi everybody
im building a 63 falcon which i intend to put a 200 c4 in
the car is to be mostly a weeknd car i guess built for strip/street
however it will also see the interstate a couple time a year
on a 600+ mile trip. on the rpm calc. it will be doing about 3800@75/80
will the 200 hold up to this or is just a gas miliage issue?
will a stall conv. hold up with a trans cooler?
any thoughts
8) the 200 will handle the r's fine, these six poppers are hard to kill. a trans cooler is always a good idea with an automatic, and i suggest a B&M holeshot converter, they are quite good for your application.
for a 600+ mile trip I would want a oil cooler too. running a engine at high rpm for several hours might kill the pressure. the 200 I am planning will get my last spare oil cooler on it or a front mount one with a remote filter.

Another thing, get a cruise control. PM me for photos. It sure helps relieve the cramps from trying to maintain a steady 75-80 for hours. :LOL:
thats all some good ideals

rbohm, does bm make one for our six or is it strickly adapted to a bigbell 200? my block is not but i've sorta been looking for one

Nick, thats a good ideal with the oil cooler i hadn't thought of that but its sure on the list now. one of my main concerns was overheating and a running a cooler and synthetic oil should go a long way to help that problem

bigredrasa, you got a pm
I ran mine 360 miles a couple of times. Gas mileage isn't that bad at that speed...I got 25MPG at 70MPH. 75/80? My car in stock condition can't run that's really sad.