Blown crossflow 200


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The following is the casting numbers for the crossflow heads along with the combustion chamber volume, combustion chamber shape, and valve size. The crossflow head can use the 1.72 roller rockers found on the Cleveland and 429 heads.

Cast # Volume Shape
C1 47-49 kidney
C2 41-42 closed
D 42 closed
E1 57 closed 1mm larger inlet valves
E2 50 kidney 1mm larger inlet valves
XD-XE alloy heads - 57cc
If the head is not off a XD-XE, it will have a letter and number marked in between #1 and
#2 cyl of the inlet side.. its clearly marked either C1, C1A, C2, C2A, E1, E2 or D..
If you cant see any casting codes, then it is a XD-XE head

MustangSix did a write-up on rebuilding a 250 Crossflow and included some of the differences and similarities between the AU and US 250. A good read:

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Thanks Rocklord, Im not familular with the whole set of casting codes, so you have enlightened us there. I have a couple of spare heads which are varied, plus the one on the car, which is the bigger valve open chamber units. the article you references is dated 2001, I got involved slightly before that, I had a couple of phone conversations with Mustangsix, and I was living in Perth at the time and visited JD at his home. I initially came on the forum to discuss the 250-2v heads that were virtually unknown in the US at that time, this sparked quite a bit of interest. Its such a pity the clasic inlines head all fell down, but thats life. Since JD bought his stuff locally from Perth, and Perths water is corrosive as buggery, almost all alloy heads need welding. Now that I live in Victoria where drinking water is rain water and quite pure, corrosion is almost unknown here. RIMG0126.JPGAnyway heres a piccie of my alloy head